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Founded in 1930, Dahle has established a reputation for developing safe, innovative products that exceed the demands of it's customers.

Dahle Vantage Trimmers feature an automatic paper clamp to hold work securely and prevent paper shifting, and a spring action blade that returns to the up position after trimming to reduce fatigue and prevent unexpected blade falls.

Dahle Professional and Premium Rolling Trimmers are designed for heavy duty applications where precision is essential. These trimmers feature a ground self-sharpening rotary blade that cuts in either direction and an automatic clamp to hold work securely and prevents shifting while trimming. Dahle Professional Rolling Trimmers have a 20 sheet capacity. Dahle Premium Rolling Trimmers have a 30 sheet capacity.

Dahle paper shredders are your best line of defense in preventing unauthorized access to secure information. Whether it's proprietary design plans, personal credit card statements, or Top Secret government documents, Dahle has a shredder that will meet your needs.