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Canon Arizona 2300 XTF Series

Canon Arizona 2300 XTF Series Printers


Explore the unlimited creativity, accuracy, and quality of the latest world-leading Arizona flatbed printer.

Arizona 2300 XTF Series

The Arizona 2300 series consists of true flatbed printers based on UV-curable ink. Quick, reliable, and low-maintenance, the latest Arizona printer provides the optimum in print quality and versatility for both rigid and flexible media applications. Enjoy an impressive application range, instant-on capability and self-learning technology that will help you further expand your expertise and business.

Print on many media and surfaces

Suitable for oddly shaped, heavy, smooth or pre-cut media, unusual media (canvas, wood, tile, glass, etc.) or objects, and images tiled over multiple large board. Edge-to-edge (full bleed) printing without hassle or mess. For media or objects of any size up to 121.3 x 98.4 inches (3.08 x 2.5 meters) with the XTF models.

Let your creativity flow

Design complex jobs once, and then easily adapt and repeat to save time on future projects. The new Arizona 2300 series is designed to serve the versatile printing needs of printers who require production capacity of up to 30,000 m2/year.

You've got options

Rock-solid in its basic configuration and ready for upgrades such as roll media and additional ink channels, including our brightest ever white UV ink or varnish for stunning applications.

Arizona FLOW technology

An airflow technique combined with a zone-less, multiorigin table layout; less masking, easy job switching and versatile, accurate and productive multi-board or double-sided printing.

Superior Print Quality Comes Standard

The Arizona 2300 series uses Canon’s impressive VariaDot imaging technology featured in all Arizona printers. This award-winning technology offers near photorealistic print quality for reliable printing in even the fastest production modes. It delivers finer details and smoother gradients in highlight areas, crisp colors in the mid tones, and incredible density in shadows and areas of solid color. So your images look far superior to those printed on a conventional, fixed-droplet, 6-color inkjet printer. The new High-Key print mode and enhanced screening give you outstanding results, print after print. Add light cyan and light magenta inks, or our brightest white UV ink ever, or even varnish to your ink channels, to create even higher-quality photo and fine-art applications.

Low Ink Consumption

Utilizing tiny 6 to 30 picolitre drops, the high productivity of the Arizona 2300 series comes with extremely low ink consumption. Thanks to the VariaDot printhead technology from Canon, less than 0.74 millilitres per square foot (8 millilitres per square meter) is used on average, including maintenance.

UV-LED Curing

The instant-on operation of the UV-LED curing system means the Arizona 2300 needs virtually no warming up period. Your printer is ready when you are. Operating with a standard voltage power supply reduces energy consumption. There are also no power peaks during operation. The Arizona UV-LED curing results not only in low energy consumption; the longer lamp life also reduces costs.

Air Filtration Option

Canon is committed to ensuring that the health and safety of customers are not at risk when using Arizona printers. All Arizona printers are fully tested and safety certified. An Air Filtration Option is available for print rooms that do not meet required air flow specifications.

Canon Arizona 2300 XTF Series
Canon Arizona 2300 XTF Series
Canon Arizona 2300 XTF Series
Canon Arizona 2300 XTF Series

IJC357 UV Curable Ink

IJC357 UV inks offer superior adhesion and functionality on the widest range of media. IJC357 UV inks are Greenguard Gold certified, so the prints may be used in sensitive environments such as in schools and hospitals.

Color 2340 XTF 2360 XTF 2380 XTF
Black 2L 3098C001 3098C001 3098C001
Black 3L 3098C024 3098C024 3098C024
Cyan 2L 3098C002 3098C002 3098C002
Cyan 3L 3098C021 3098C021 3098C021
Magenta 2L 3098C003 3098C003 3098C003
Magenta 3L 3098C022 3098C022 3098C022
Yellow 2L 3098C004 3098C004 3098C004
Yellow 3L 3098C023 3098C023 3098C023
White 1L   3098C007 3098C007
Varnish 1L   3098C008 3098C008
Light Cyan 2L     3098C005
Light Cyan 3L     3098C025
Light Magenta 2L     3098C006
Light Magenta 3L     3098C026

IJC358 UV Curable Ink

The IJC358 ink set has superior adhesive properties, making it ideal for industrial applications that involve printing on more complex materials, such as plastics. The higher flexibility of the IJC358 ink also means that it is more likely to remain adhered to the media both during the finishing processes and during the application of the finished media to a surface, such as a wall or glass.

Color 2340 XTF 2360 XTF 2380 XTF
Black 2L 5066C004 5066C004 5066C004
Cyan 2L 5066C001 5066C001 5066C001
Magenta 2L 5066C002 5066C002 5066C002
Yellow 2L 5066C003 5066C003 5066C003
White 1L   5066C007 5066C007
Light Cyan 2L     5066C005
Light Magenta 2L     5066C006

Canon Arizona 2300XTF Spec Sheet

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