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Canon Arizona 1300 GT Series

Canon Arizona 1300 GT Series Printers

Do more. Do it smarter. Do it now.

Superb UV flatbed printers for high-value graphic art and industrial printing.

Arizona 1300 GT Series

Quick, reliable, and low-maintenance, the Arizona 1300 GT Series are ideal for their print quality and versatility for both rigid and flexible media applications. Enjoy a mind-blowing application latitude, instant-on capability, and self-learning technology that helps you leverage your expertise. Design complex jobs once and easily adapt and repeat to help save time on future projects. The Arizona 1300 GT series is designed to serve the versatile printing needs of print providers who require a mid-volume production capacity. Rock-solid in its basic configuration, you can start with a 4 channel Arizona 1340 and later upgrade as your business needs evolve by adding additional ink channels - up to a maximum of 8. Besides CMYK, these extra ink channels support our brightest white ink ever and an optically clear varnish.


The Arizona 1300 GT series is built around true flatbed architecture, providing edge-to-edge printing with ease for media or objects of practically any size: up to 49.2" x 98.4" (1.25 m x 2.5 m); up to 2" thick. The Arizona 1300 series stands out thanks to its wide-ranging application possibilities.

  • Aluminium and other metals
  • Canvas
  • Cardstock
  • Ceramic tiles
  • Glass composites
  • MDF
  • Plastics
  • Rigid and flexible media
  • Standard and textured surfaces
  • Wood


With the Arizona 1300 GT series, you can add upgrades at any time, from additional ink channels for more versatility and productivity to a Roll Media Option for uncompromising print quality on flexible media. With four, six, or eight color channels, you can effortlessly create the exact hardware configuration you need: add extra ink channels for a color configuration with light inks, or add varnish or bright white ink for stunning, high-value applications. With the Roll Media Option, you can print on media of up to 86.6 inches (220 centimeters) wide, weighing up to 110.2 pounds (50 kilograms)—including thin, heat-sensitive media. This upgrade also allows you to switch between rigid and flexible media jobs without any machine preparation—including safe, unattended overnight printing.

You can also add the Static Suppression Upgrade Kit anytime you like, providing active suppression of static electricity when printing on hard plastic materials such as acrylic, polycarbonate, and styrene.


When a valuable rush job comes in, the last thing you want to do is wait for your printer to warm up. The Arizona 1300 GT series offers instant-on capability through its LED-UV curing system. The UV inks—which offer incredible adhesion and ink functionality over a broad media range—are optimized for LED curing, resulting in excellent print quality.


The Arizona 1300 GT series exemplifies speed and productivity, delivering sharp, high-key prints up to 547 square feet per hour and high-density prints up to 368 square feet per hour. Even better, utilizing tiny 6 to 42 picoliter drops, this productivity comes with extremely low ink consumption for printers with grayscale printhead technology: less than 0.74 milliliters per square foot (8 milliliters per square meter) on average including maintenance.


Once it is productive, it stays productive. The Automated Maintenance System offers hands-free printhead maintenance, restoring nozzle function in seconds. Traditionally a difficult color to maintain, the Arizona 1300 white ink system is just as error-proof as the other colors: it is easily cleaned with the Automated Maintenance System, restoring reliable nozzle functionality.


  • 49.2" x 98.4" print area; up to 2" thick
  • True stationary flatbed versatility at an affordable price
  • Roll Media Option available for true roll-to-roll capability
  • Available in 4- 6- or 8-channel models that include support for CMYK plus White, Varnish and light Cyan and light Magenta inks
  • Near-photographic image quality
  • Instant-on printing and instant switching between roll-to-roll and flatbed printing
  • Support for Arizona Xpert and Touchstone software for quick and easy creation of complex higher margin jobs including texture printing
Canon Arizona 1300 GT Series
Canon Arizona 1300 GT Series
Canon Arizona 1300 GT Series
Canon Arizona 1300 GT Series
Canon Arizona 1300 GT Series

IJC357 UV Curable Ink

Color 1340 GT 1360 GT 1380 GT
Black 2L 3098C001 3098C001 3098C001
Cyan 2L 3098C002 3098C002 3098C002
Magenta 2L 3098C003 3098C003 3098C003
Yellow 2L 3098C004 3098C004 3098C004
White 1L   3098C007 3098C007
Varnish 1L   3098C008 3098C008
Light Cyan 2L     3098C005
Light Magenta 2L     3098C006

Canon Arizona 1300GT Spec Sheet

Download Spec Sheet